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The Art of Leaving

Halloween 2020-Imbolc 2021

world war memorial leaf circles 2.JPG

         Everyone  leaves in the end.

         Discover The Art of Leaving.

A project about

Playing  with leaves.

Leaving a memorial, a moment of grace.

Connecting with Autumn change and loss.  Leave an offering to nature, your loved ones, to those that come after you. Commit random acts of senseless beauty.

Take a photograph, leave a trace.

Upload to your favourite social media (or email to me) #theartofleaving.

In January 2021 I will collate all the

uploads into a glorious work of art for a  Billboards  for Imbolc Feb 2nd 2021.


The Final piece in place, thanks to all the contributors to my buymeacoffee site . The next steps? Well I've put in an application for a project to extend the opportunity of having your work on a billboard to others especially from  marginalised non priviledged backgrounds . Should hear by end of March 

Mina rd invite 2.jpeg


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