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I am a freelance creative, often sharing my work freely  because I believe in accessibility and community. Would you like to support me and share the creative journey with me? I am always looking for ways to open up possibilities for others especially from less represented backgrounds and to bring nature into our awareness and lives."The Art of Leaving" is an unfunded project and I am seeking support to be able to create 4 billboards in Bristol, using the contributions from participants, to bring a splash of  Nature's colour into the city on Imbolc, 2nd February 2021, as the  winter starts to slip away and spring approaches. Each one will be about £250 for design print and display.

Help  me achieve this and buy me a "moment to make" with Buy me a to raise this with a small donation. Here

You will be enabling me to continue working with people and nature, with words and messages and together we can make a difference in the world.

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